Joanne Conant

Meet Joanne Conant

Joanne Conant of Newtown, Connecticut produces enameled objects and teaches the art of enameling in her home studio. Her enameling techniques include Cloisonné, Plique-a-jour, Champleve, Grisaille, Limoges and Fauré. She fabricates a variety of metal objects such as boxes, pendants, brooches and plaques to hold her enameled pieces. In addition to enameling, Joanne produces oil paintings and jewelry.

Her education includes a Commercial Arts Degree from the Minneapolis Technical Institute and an apprenticeship with enamellist Margaret Seeler during a span of twenty-one years, from 1975 until 1996. Since 2007, Joanne has studied oil painting with master painter Ira Barkoff at the Washington Art Association.

Joanne has shared her knowledge with many artists for more than thirty years, teaching classes at the Tucson Museum of Art School, Connecticut State College, and the Brookfield Craft Center where she was the enameling studio manager for nine years. She also teaches in workshop environments and helps many private students. Contact her directly for information about upcoming workshops or for private lessons.

Awards & Affiliations

Joanne has received several national and international awards for her enamels and for her paintings. Her work has appeared in numerous publications. The Tucson Museum of Art holds one of Joanne’s enameled boxes in their permanent collection.

Washington Art Association The Enamelist Society Brookefield Craft Center

Pieces shown in Portfolio may be available for purchase. Custom pieces may also be commissioned. For more information, please contact Joanne at